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Twitter Types ..

Anyone who knows me, or tweets me, will know that I’m a huge twitter fan. Actually, to be fair, a complete twitter addict is probably more apt! I find it so interesting the different types of people found on twitter, the unusual friendships formed and mostly, the behaviour of some people.

Personally, I use twitter for social purposes. I got into it through my husband who was using it for business. I met a few of his business contacts who were all chatting about twitter so I got nosey and wanted to see who they were all talking about. Since then I’ve met up with fellow tweeters, made some friends for life, and even fallen out with some.

I think Tweeters can be broken down into social tweeters, business tweeters, people who successfully combine both, people purely trying to talk to famous tweeters, and people who use twitter purely to be abusive .. usually to celebrities. The people I enjoy interacting with are the personal tweeters and the ones who balance work and personal. I thoroughly enjoy getting in from a busy day, logging on and being made laugh by people’s stories and experiences.

What I hate, is people complaining about what others are tweeting. Twitter allows you to say whatever it is you like. If someone doesn’t like it, the unfollow function is one click away. Just unfollow instead of having a lengthy rant about why someone shouldn’t be tweeting about something. I remember last year defending why I was tweeting about X factor .. to a person who has driven many people mad with their own sanctimonious tweeting on several issues! Still I would never think of critising his tweets as that’s not what twitter is about.

I have also seen some bullying on twitter which is sad, I think anyone would rather be unfollowed than harassed for what they are tweeting. Cyber bullying is getting more common and I think we should stick up for people if we see it on twitter.

I got a very sweet DM (direct message) from someone last night about a blog post I’d previously written, it reminded me of the support and kindness that is out there, and that’s why I’m sticking with Twitter and Blogging 🙂


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