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One of the most important relationships we can form, in my opinion, is friendship. But it gets harder in adult life. It’s easy to make and keep friends when you’re young, relationships formed in school/college spill over into your social life. When you start working it gets a little more difficult, and when you ‘settle down’ with someone and start a family, it’s a lot more difficult. Life just goes on and ‘stuff’ gets in the way of keeping touch with friends. It starts taking real effort to make time for friends.

I’ve been very lucky to make some really great friends, both when I was young and recently enough. I’m also very lucky in that I can put my husband in that ‘great friends’ category. I know some people that genuinely can’t do that! Of course I’ve also been let down by friends .. I always give people the benefit of the doubt, always want people to be good, I’d rather be like this than be expecting to be let down but it does often lead to being let down 

I consider friendship to mean being there for someone, making them laugh, being honest with them and putting yourself out if necessary. The friends I have in my life right now are amazing. I know I can call them any time and for any reason, they’re fun to be around, they’ll be brutally honest even if it’s what I don’t want to hear and, most of all, I really look forward to being in their company.

What I don’t like is people that consider you a friend yet do not tell the truth, get you involved in situations you really don’t need to be involved in and generally take advantage. Unfortunately I’ve met my fair share of them. I try to think of these people as ‘character building’ 😉

Maybe I just have too simplistic a view of what friendship should be?


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