Twitter Types ..

Anyone who knows me, or tweets me, will know that I’m a huge twitter fan. Actually, to be fair, a complete twitter addict is probably more apt! I find it so interesting the different types of people found on twitter, the unusual friendships formed and mostly, the behaviour of some people.

Personally, I use twitter for social purposes. I got into it through my husband who was using it for business. I met a few of his business contacts who were all chatting about twitter so I got nosey and wanted to see who they were all talking about. Since then I’ve met up with fellow tweeters, made some friends for life, and even fallen out with some.

I think Tweeters can be broken down into social tweeters, business tweeters, people who successfully combine both, people purely trying to talk to famous tweeters, and people who use twitter purely to be abusive .. usually to celebrities. The people I enjoy interacting with are the personal tweeters and the ones who balance work and personal. I thoroughly enjoy getting in from a busy day, logging on and being made laugh by people’s stories and experiences.

What I hate, is people complaining about what others are tweeting. Twitter allows you to say whatever it is you like. If someone doesn’t like it, the unfollow function is one click away. Just unfollow instead of having a lengthy rant about why someone shouldn’t be tweeting about something. I remember last year defending why I was tweeting about X factor .. to a person who has driven many people mad with their own sanctimonious tweeting on several issues! Still I would never think of critising his tweets as that’s not what twitter is about.

I have also seen some bullying on twitter which is sad, I think anyone would rather be unfollowed than harassed for what they are tweeting. Cyber bullying is getting more common and I think we should stick up for people if we see it on twitter.

I got a very sweet DM (direct message) from someone last night about a blog post I’d previously written, it reminded me of the support and kindness that is out there, and that’s why I’m sticking with Twitter and Blogging 🙂



One of the most important relationships we can form, in my opinion, is friendship. But it gets harder in adult life. It’s easy to make and keep friends when you’re young, relationships formed in school/college spill over into your social life. When you start working it gets a little more difficult, and when you ‘settle down’ with someone and start a family, it’s a lot more difficult. Life just goes on and ‘stuff’ gets in the way of keeping touch with friends. It starts taking real effort to make time for friends.

I’ve been very lucky to make some really great friends, both when I was young and recently enough. I’m also very lucky in that I can put my husband in that ‘great friends’ category. I know some people that genuinely can’t do that! Of course I’ve also been let down by friends .. I always give people the benefit of the doubt, always want people to be good, I’d rather be like this than be expecting to be let down but it does often lead to being let down 

I consider friendship to mean being there for someone, making them laugh, being honest with them and putting yourself out if necessary. The friends I have in my life right now are amazing. I know I can call them any time and for any reason, they’re fun to be around, they’ll be brutally honest even if it’s what I don’t want to hear and, most of all, I really look forward to being in their company.

What I don’t like is people that consider you a friend yet do not tell the truth, get you involved in situations you really don’t need to be involved in and generally take advantage. Unfortunately I’ve met my fair share of them. I try to think of these people as ‘character building’ 😉

Maybe I just have too simplistic a view of what friendship should be?


For my first post I wanted to write about my teenage best friend. I dreamt about her last night. It’s a subject I’ve longed to write about ever since I started writing but haven’t been brave enough. I’ve taken the leap to start this blog today, so I’m going to do it in style and write the most honest and open post about both the best and worst thing that’s ever happened to me.

I first met Lee when we were about 6, we lived in the same estate. We quickly became best friends. We constantly hung out together. After school our bags were dropped home and it was straight out to play. Our estate had a huge green area out front, and all the neighbourhood kids would play rounders/football/tag until it got dark. She had two younger sisters which, as an only child, I found fascinating. We regularly ganged up on them, but also played with them and looked after them when we were in the mood 😉 Because of this, she loved being at my house. She couldn’t understand how I’d leave my toys one way, and when I went back to them they were exactly how i’d left them.

Lee was funny, and loved having fun. She was good to be around. I’m racking my brain to think of a time when we weren’t laughing but it’s not coming. Of course this could be rose tinted glasses looking back at a friendship of 20 years ago, but I genuinely don’t think so. In fact, I once took a notion that it was weird that we never fell out, and actively set out to have a row with her. All day long I disagreed with her to get her to fight with me. Eventually, hours later, she flounced off .. only to come back half an hour later as if nothing had happened.

When I was fourteen, my parents took me to Spain for 7 weeks. It was one of those winter breaks, and I had to take all my school work with me but I wasn’t complaining. Lee asked me to bring her back some of those tiny Spanish figurines which she collected. I got her loads of them on day one. I called her to tell her and said I’d bring them over the minute we got home. She wasn’t feeling well so the chat was short.

Seven weeks later we got home. Our trip home took 24 hours, long story but included a broken down train and a lift from someone who’s wipers didn’t work in the middle of a snow storm. We were shattered getting home, but first thing I did was call Lee. I told her I had her presents but I was wrecked so I’d be over the next day. When I did go to see her the next day, her sister told me she’d been taken to hospital but that she’d be fine. The next few days went the same way, I was calling to see her/phoning but told she’d be out of hospital soon. No-one was saying what was wrong.

Four days after we got home, I was told (at school) that Lee had died that morning. She was thirteen. It turned out that she had been diagnosed with Cancer just before we had left for Spain. Her parents had chosen not even to tell her. The next few weeks passed in a blur.

Lee had written me a letter while she was ill and was apparently trying to figure out where we were staying so she could send it to Spain. Her mum gave it to me shortly after she died. She writes about all the gossip about our friends and all the ‘swag’ of presents she was getting while she was sick. As usual, she was making me laugh. I still read this letter all the time, while it brings back painful memories, it brings back some fantastic ones too.

While this has obviously been the saddest thing to happen in my life, I use Lee as my inspiration. I’m aware that she didn’t get to live her full life so when I have a decision to make, or need to decide if I’m going to ‘go for something’, I ask myself what she would do. I try to do things for both of us. I hope she’d be happy with my decisions 🙂

Welcome .. again!


My name is Mel. Any of my friends or most people that have arrived here through Twitter will know I’ve had writer’s block since January. It’s a very long story, one I won’t even go into on this blog as this is a fresh start.

I woke up this morning *wanting* to write. That’s new. I’m excited about this blog. That’s also new. I’m starting to think my writing mojo might just be sneaking back 🙂

I also had a dream last night of exactly what my first post should be. It’s a sad one so I’m not sure if that’s the best kind, but I’m going to go for it a little later. Hope you all enjoy the blog xx